North American Rail Alliance

The North American Rail Alliance or NARA for short is a group of people worldwide modeling the North American rail scene.

NARA has members in Australia,the United States,Canada, England,France,and Sweden,and now we have members from Portugal,Switzerland, and South Africa.We have added Mexico,and now Germany.

We are a multiscale group consisting of both Freelance and Prototype modelers.The one and only rule is that you model North American railroading.

The photo at the top of the page replacing Russ's NARA loco picture is of a model done by Michael Kreiser,our German Member.

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Johnathan Edwards #1 The Grande Valley Railroad yes yes yes yes
Robin Matthysen #2 Maberly and Tayside No No No No
Larry Gilbert #3 Chicago Emporia & Evansville Railroad none yes yes yes
Brian Schmidt #4 Ironton Northern Rail Road none none yes
Pat Miller #5 Appalachian & Atlantic Model Railroad none none none
Andy Smolka #6 Moose River RR Co. none yes none
John Cater #7 Santa Fe and Southwestern none none none
Don Brown #8 Feather River Lines none none none
Mike Drzycimski #9 The Southview Line yes none none
Hyman Novak #10 The Avrum Lumber & Western Railroad none none none yes
Matt Mitchin #11 Maumee & Cuyahoga Rail System none none none
Andrew Wallice Matheson #12 Grand Trunk Pacific none none none
Ed Burchell #13 Western Valley Railroad none none none
Everett King #14 Oregon Western Lines none none none
Jason C Verachtert #15 Agate Basin & Cahokia none none none
Jim Cullen #16 Chartiers Branch of the PRR none yes none yes
Bobby Boswell #17 Siwini Railway none none none
Brent Tidaback #18 Santa Fe Railway Aransas Division none none none
Rod von Bernuth #19 Rio Grande iNdustries none none none
Jon Pindar #20 Sudbury Central Railroad & Ontario Southern Railway none none none
EM-1 #21 Making The Impossible Grade By The B & O none none none
Dan Coburn #22 Michigan Indiana and Ohio none none none
Henrik Akesson #23 Erie Lackawana none none none
Dick Anderson #24 KR& T none yes none yes
Wayne Underwood #25 Thunder Bay and Sante Fe' none none none
Mark Ward #26 Oma Belt none none none
Kevin Burkholder #27 The Great Lakes Eastern Railroad Company yes yes none
Ken TravisII #28 Ohio and Florida none none none
Dave Flinn #29 Housatonic & Cayuga RR none none none
Ronald Baumgartner #30 Trim Creek & Western RR none yes none yes
Drew Allison #31 Kentucky & Indiana RR none none none
Terry Moore #32 Kettle Valley Line none none none
Harold Riley #33 UP & BNSF none none yes
Mike Goad #34 Nantahala Midland yes yes none
Andy Kramer #35 Milwaukee Road none none none
Patrick Bentz #36 Santiam Pacific none none none
Wendell Camp #37 NHN( New Hampshire Northcoast) none none none
Rich Maiorano #38 Levitton and Kensington none none none
Luis Daniel Lopes #39 Luisville DanielTown & Lopes Valley Railroad none none none
Mike Chambers #40 Central Missouri & Southern and the Osage Valley Tie & Lumber Co. none none none
Jon Paulsen #41 Paulsen-Knudesen RR. none none yes
Bill Pontin #42 Bear River Railroad none none none
Jim Marksberry #43 Wide Clyde & Thurmond RR. none none none yes
Val Fullard #44 Parkdale Yard Limit none yes none
Ray Metivier #45 RAMKO VALLEY Railroad none none none
Michael Long #46 Brighton,Ft.Lupton,&Keenesburg Railroad none none none
Ian MacMillian #47 Conrail Boston Line none none none
Graham Bevan #48 Nova Scotia Northern none none none
David Engle #49 Engleton & Western Railroad none none none
Larry Morgan #50 Columbus& Hocking Valley RR none none none
Steve Hudson #51 Megill River System none none none
Richard Gorman #52 The Danville and Rigby Junction RR none none none
Ron McIntosh #53 Mill Creek Logging RR none none none
Nick Wilson #54 Genesee & Allegheny Southern none none none
Edward Gagnier #55 Central New England RR none none none
David Youngs #56 The Perth and Exeter Railway none none none
Jimmy Brown #57 Helengon and Backcreek Railroad none none none
Nobby Clarke #58 Sweetwater and Bluegrass Railroad none none none
Bob Hitchcock #59 Possum Ridge Lumber none none none
Damon A. Curtis #60 MDRAIL none none none
Don Van Spyker #61 DETROIT-VASSAR-SAGINAW RR. none none none
Raymond W. Hamm #62 Katy Central RR none none none
Bob Colliflower #63 Baltimore & Mt.Claire or Basic & Mostly Credible RR. none none none yes
Michael C. Fortner #64 New Southern Railway none none none
Don Day #65 Canyon State Railroad none none none
Doug Trouten #66 Dragonsfang Leasing & Canadian National none none none
Mike Fifer #67 Albuquerque,Carnuel,&Tijeras RR yes yes none
Fred Miller #68 Zane Makayla Transfer none none none
Emmanuel de la Vega #69 FERROCARRIL DEL VALLE DE PUEBLA yes yes none yes
Bill Annand #70 CREDIT VALLEY RAILWAY no yes yes yes
Robyn Watkins #71 Carolina Rail-Road System none none none
Ira Goldberg #72 Golden State Railroad none none none
Ron Harris #73 Maple Leaf Central none none none
Dave Eades #74 CP Prairie Express yes none none yes
Mike P. #75 JGBSMF&W RR. none none none yes
Ian Guild #76 Chicago,Waukesha,and St. Paul Railroad none none none
Stirling Millar #77 Ivy City Eastern Railroad none none none yes
Matthew Miller #78 Chessie System Railroad none none none yes
Michael Kreiser #79 Columbia Southern.Railroad none yes yes
Daniel Banks #80 Crow River Railway none none none none
Rich Sunkel #81 Midwest Terminal Railroad none none none none
Jim & Noah Schultz #82 Chicago,Milwaukee&Zion none none none none
Stephen Harmer #83 Feather River Rail Route none none none none
Wolfgang Dudler #84 Westport Terminal RR YES yes yes yes
Wayne Toth #85 Elora Gorge&Eastern RR. none none none none
Wayne Epley #86 Dawgsville Station & Southern RR none yes none none
Devin Jackson #87 Mesquite Belt RR. none yes yes none
Simon Busby #88 Boulder Creek Western RR. none none none none
David Gann #89 Hudson Central RR. none none none none
Tom Nosera #90 Cascade Southern Ry. none none none none
Miles S. Callan #91 Mission Valley & Pacific Ry. none none none none
Roy Hoffman #92 Penn Western RR yes none none yes
Tony Hereld #93 Erie & Southern RR yes none none yes
Charles Porterfield #94 The Route 66 Railway yes yes yes none
Vytautas B. Radzivanas #95 Lehigh & New England (LNECTS) none none none none
Eric West #96 Midwest Georgia RR none none none none
Mike Scott #97 Ellison Industry Yard yes none none yes
Mike Broadwater #98 Conrail's Midwestwest Diuvision none none none yes
George Thomas #99 Cedar Valley Southern RR none none none none
Garrett C. Austin #100 Oakwood Capital,Central RR none none none none
Harald Puetz #101 "Harald U.S. World Model Railroading" none none none yes
Carey Jenkins #102 "Alabama Central" yes yes none none
Daryl Barter #103 Gypo Stud & Tie no no no no
Joshua Bauer #104 Pennsylvania & Eastern Illinois no no no no
Chris Hammersley #105 Dakota Southern no no no no
David Dewitt #106 BNSF Chyville sub no no no yes
Carl Carstens #107 Dubuque,Davenport & St. Louis RR. no no no no
Matt Swart #108 Pere Marquette RR. no no no no
Lee Yates #109 Santa Fe RR. Raton Pass Mountain Div. no no no no
Antonio Arocho #110 "UNION TRANSPORTATION CARLOADINGS" no no no no
Karin Snyder #111 ALASKA Railroad no no no no
Loren Snyder #112 Central Oregon & Pacific no no no no
Stony Smith #113 Fingare Carrus rr. no no no no
John Lucas #114 ? rr. no no no no
Ken Garris #115 ? rr. no no no no
Tracy McKibben #116 "DM&IR rr." no no no no
Jonathan Grant #117 Sweethome Alabama no no no no
Tim Scott #118 Tuscola & Saginaw Bay no no no no
Mike Kieran #119 Port Able Railway no no no no

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